Friday, April 15, 2016

Episode 13. The Good (Java Community Process w/Heather VanCura), The Bad (Corporations?), and the Ugly (Conferences and Controversial Speakers)

Do you know that Java can evolve right? Do you ever wonder how that happens behind the scenes? Well, we had a great opportunity to talk to the person that coordinates all that magic from the underside, and discuss, albeit briefly what we feel is great and not-so-great within the JCP. We also get to hear first-hand how changes are happening. Who really controls a change in Java (JSR)? how is leadership transition handled?, and what can we do about it. All questions raised by the most vested host we have (Michael), so take a listen!

Also, what do we do with conferences that have great technical content, but controversial speakers? Is it right to attend? or is it one of those "Knowledge is neither good or bad"? LambdaConf lost support from its sponsors for allowing a very controversial speaker purely on technical merit, whereas StrangeLoop decided to go the safe route and ban him from the conference. Who was right?


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  1. Any pointers on the item mentioned about open source micro services?