OffHeap 73. Live from DevNexus 2022 in Atlanta

So we did it! We got together at the DevNexus Conference and produced a live show! With Okta’s super famous Matt Raible, and of course our own Danno Hinojosa (and Bob and I), we got together and talked Security (what does it mean to be secure in today’s day and age and how it has changed from 10 years ago)

So come and enjoy one of our most livelier shows as we quiz Matt and Danno on the most notorious vulnerabilities that has happened in the past 15 years! In all a very fun episode that we get to do live!
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OffHeap 63. Don’t forget to do your backup kids

So new things are happening! Jakarta EE 9.1 was released, GraalVM got to 21.1, and Spring Native is now at 0.10.

We also get a new LightBend CEO (what does this mean?), and the favorite developer Copy-Paste Website (StackOverflow) got bought for (insert Dr. Evil voice here) ONE (.8) BILLION DOLLARS. You didn’t hear it first here, BUT we sure talk about what does this mean! (Remember ExpertsExchange?)

Lastly we dive into a deep discussion on Ransomware and security and how all these things we work everyday can, and are affected by it. Why some companies are keeping up, others are letting security slide, and more importantly, for us as Developers, what kind of role we play on these things.

A passionate discussion on which we touch many points and explore our involvement on this field!
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GlassFish 6.2 Released

GraalVM 21.1.0

Stackoverflow is acquired

Meat Packer Cyberattack

Colonial Cyber Attack

BadB Promotional Cartoon (NOTE! NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Episode 49. End of Year Review… Oh, my, it has been an interesting year.

Ah, we got together with our usual suspects, and while our local Curmudgeon was enjoying his Old-fashioned, I was enjoying Cold Medicine. Even so, we went through the biggest events that happened this year, including the Oracle v Google debacle, The new copy-and-kill strategies from cloud providers, the proliferation of Java implementations, the re-emergence of Eclipse Foundation as a home for standards, and of course, the Java EE (reincarnated as Jakarta EE) saga.

It has been a great year, and we couldn’t have made it with our listeners. Thanks for listening to our podcasts. We have expanded our OffHeap family, so don’t forget to check all of our podcasts. And you can always drop off a line @offheap (

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Episode 34. On twitter, IPOs, vulnerabilities, (Java)script name copyrights, and IBMs play on JVM Maintenance

So we start with Twitter news (change your password) to then dive into exciting news this month. There are a couple of notable IPOs and Aquisition including @pivotal, and @smartsheet. (Congrats!). We then take a detour onto Mesosphere raising $125 million (and talk about if all these valuations feel right?) to then see Cambridge Analytica disbanded. Oh, and think twice about naming something with “Java” in your app as Oracle seems to flexing more Copyright muscle. Lastly we see a new play from IBM where they will provide support for OpenJDK’s OpenJ9. What does this mean for Oracle and their commercial support? Only time will tell. But that doesn’t stop us from speculating about it! So take a listen to a fully charged Java OffHeap!


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