OffHeap 74. Back at the Bar (Roundhouse)

Oh my! So this episode Freddy couldn’t be in (He was busy running a Seattle JUG meetup), but have no Fear! As Bob, Michael and Josh took the helm on recording (and making sure that I was red with jealousy at not being there). Covering the news (Javaone is coming!), to the latest topics (Java dead again?) we have a breath of fresh air, and “back to roots” format on how we used to record these.

So come and start listening to this episode, in the nostalgic format of how we started!

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JavaOne is back

Apache Con (New Orleans Oct 3 – 6)

DevTalks Romania:

Spring One (December 6-8 CFP closes June 20 registration is currently open)


Loom to Java 19

Spring for GraphQL 1.0

  • Spring Boot 2.7
  • Spring Framework 6 – M4
  • Spring Boot 3 – M3

Project Leyden

Kotlin 1.7.0

Lightbend Kalix.

OffHeap 52. Ooh…Spring and Graal, sitting in the tree…i-n-t-e-r-o-ping!

First comes hate(rs), then comes committers.
Then comes a tag, in the github app
reporting its woes,
committing new code
doing the hula hula dance!

Ok, so one of the biggest stories is that blooming collaboration (romance?) that’s happening between Spring and Graal. Yep, the most popular framework is teaming up with the hottest VM in town (this sounds like a movie script already!). We also dive into some unexpected releasers like Jython 2.7.2, new leadership for the ASF (And its board of directors), and a game of “where in the world is Istio (not Carmen Sandiego) going?” played by Google. In all, with drinks in hand, on remote, a fun episode to listen to.

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Episode 49. End of Year Review… Oh, my, it has been an interesting year.

Ah, we got together with our usual suspects, and while our local Curmudgeon was enjoying his Old-fashioned, I was enjoying Cold Medicine. Even so, we went through the biggest events that happened this year, including the Oracle v Google debacle, The new copy-and-kill strategies from cloud providers, the proliferation of Java implementations, the re-emergence of Eclipse Foundation as a home for standards, and of course, the Java EE (reincarnated as Jakarta EE) saga.

It has been a great year, and we couldn’t have made it with our listeners. Thanks for listening to our podcasts. We have expanded our OffHeap family, so don’t forget to check all of our podcasts. And you can always drop off a line @offheap (https://twitter.com/offheap)

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Episode 47. Microsoft flexing its Java Muscle, JavaFX is Alive and Well, and “Would you approve my low quality PR?”

Oh gosh, there’s so much news going around, beginning with Microsoft acquiring JClarity (and all that brain trust that comes w/it!). Martinj Verburg, Kirk Pepperdine, and Ben Evans are household names when it comes to Java (including their efforts on spinning and maintaining AdoptOpenJDK.net). It shows that Microsoft is serious, and they want to invest in a big way in the Java Ecosystem

And of course! This is one of the few episodes where our local Curmudgeon (@michaelminella) won’t be talking too much on the following topic, since VMWare came back and bought Pivotal (again!). We are pretty sure that VMWare just wanted Michael back, but they had to buy the whole Pivotal to do so.

And then we check up on JavaFX, which its alive and well, thanks to many contributors, but one company is really putting tons of effort and making it a first-class citizen of the Java Ecosystem. GluonHQ! As an old Swing developer, I relish that while web is good, there’s still something around desktop (and native-like mobile) applications.

And we ended up with a big discussion on the Tampere University Study, called “Does Code Quality Affect Pull Request Acceptance? An empirical study”. We all have different opinions on it as we come from way different backgrounds. In all, an interesting discussion that reveals what we tend to forget, that Coding is a social activity!

In all a jam-packed episode with great news, announcements, and punditry. Take a listen now! (and if you can, buy us a beer!)

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Episode 43. JCP: Hold my (white) Wine. The JCP welcomes the competition of Eclipse Foundation on spec creation + A recap on Reactive.

Ah, DevNexus 2019! One of the better conferences to attend in the U.S. We ended up running our yearly offheap show in there with special guests Heather VanCura, and Ben Hale! We went through the deep questions on the role of JCP (now that Eclipse Foundation Spec Process is in town), and Heather replied that the JCP is agile, knows what they’ve been doing for a while, and that is still THE Source for Java Spec creation! Indeed, these are intertesting times!

We also dove deeply on the current state of Reactive (and what Pivotal is doing to make it easier for everyone to embrace it). We got to hear about R2DBC, when to go Reactive, and what is a good criteria for adoption (hint: Don’t go and rewrite your large app in reactive just because).

To top it off, we ended up with a “Who wants to be a millionaire quiz” where we pitted our guests against our (somewhat tricky) quiz questions. All for the privilege of winning an OffHeap Mug!. In all, a great episode, with tons of information and interesting guests!

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Episode 42. Move over JCP! There’s a new Specs Maintaining Organization in town with Eclipse Foundation Spec Process.

Oh goody, this episode is special in many ways! First, I got to travel to Chicago, and meet in-person with our usual suspects. We went to the bar where everything started, and we recorded our 42th episode in-person! (very Douglas Adams). But aside from the reminiscing, we actually got the Executive Director of The Eclipse Foundation to go on the record on what’s happening with Eclipse Foundation and Jakarta EE! We went into what does it mean to have the Eclipse Foundation Spec Process (and how is that affect the JCP), and dove into maintainers, and the future of Jakarta EE (Glassfish is released!).

All in all, an incredible episode, with “you-heard-it-here-first” content. Go ahead an play. Also, a big shoutout to Dr. Heinz Kabutz who plugged our podcast in his newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to it, you definitively should! His Java newsletter is unparalleled and is always full of excelent topics and Java tips/trick. A must for every Java developer.

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Episode 38. Of Big Hacks, Jakarta News, Who is running what on the JVM, and (Since is election season) CJUG running for a JCP Seat.

We start our episode by diving into that big China hack that seems to come out of nowhere. We then discuss the promise of RedHat for supporting OpenJDK 8. We then take a detour and check on Jakarta EE (how is it doing on Eclipse). After we dive into the Snyk report (what are people running on the JVM). Lastly, the Chicago Java Users Group is running for a seat at the Java Community Process (JCP) table! Do vote for them as we like them a lot!


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Episode 29. On SpringOne, EE4J, and Oh, gosh, we just lost Net Neutrality!

So we got our crew reporting on SpringOne and what has happened over there (IBM is working “very” closely with Pivotal!). Then we discuss a little of EE4J (the notes from Mike Milinkovich), to then dive into something affecting everyone that lives (or works with) the US. Yes, we are talking deep about Net Neutrality and how can it change the dynamics on how we work and what we do! So take a listen, an important episode for sure


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Episode 5. Tales from China, brought to us by Josh Long, What is cloud native, and what’s in sun.misc.unsafe anyways

This podcast is special because we have of first guest, Josh Long! @starbuxman. Hailing us on Skype, he talks to us about what’s going on with Java within the great Wall of China. We also dive into being Cloud-ready, and what does it mean to remove Unsafe from Java 9

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Episode 4. Spyware, Malware, Adware with SE? oh noes! How micro is micro, and is it really better? How does relate to frameworks? Performance? Two-phase commits?

Get ready to be lawyered-up. It’s coming! Oracle v Google is not going to be heard by the Supreme Court, and while that might not spell “Doom” just yet, it’s fast approaching the reality that APIs are on the verge of copy-right-a-bi-li-ty (that’s too many slashes, just for emphasis).

Then we dive into what everyone seems to be consulting on, presenting on, it’s the buzzword of the moment, the superstar, the Britney Spears (or Katie Perry) of today. Of course, we are talking of Micro-services. We go and discuss the perspective from many different points of view (from the performance guy to the independent to the small and large shops) and try to figure out is it fad? or is just something we always knew with a different name. So come take a listen!

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