OffHeap 83. Happy New Year! (and start dusting that resume)

Hopefully we are all rested and ready to tackle this 2024. There is already a ton going on with AI, but front and center has been the current job market news (it’s dire). Even so, when a new door closes, a new (shiny AI-ish) door opens.

Here we dive into what it means to be an java developer in this job market (should you learn AI’s darling language, python? we ponder), and our collection of tips / tricks to navigate it.

In addition we tackled some of the stuff we learned over the holiday, including the One Billion Row Challenge! (an exciting view of where Java is headed and the things it’s doing). So start on those new year resolutions and let’s get rolling with the new OffHeap episode!

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OffHeap 81. Is the guilded age of open source over?

ElasticSearch, Akka, Hashicorp, and Red Hat are starting to change their licensing models. What used to be considered open source (Apache, GPL, MIT) is morphing (with an asterisk) for the large open source projects that we know and love.

But what does that mean? Is open source over? or are we transitioning to a new reality? Is legislation going to help or hinder (like the EU CRA proposed laws)? Come take a listen as we dive deep into the open source ecosystem and how is it changing right before our eyes!

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Java Specialist Newsletter (hi Dr. Heinz!)

Netbeans 18

Corretto is most popular JVM

Layoffs at Redhat
https://wraltechwire-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/wraltechwire.com/2023/04/24/red-hat-cutting-hundreds-of-jobs-ceo-says-in-letter-to-employees/?amp=1, Sonatype https://www.theregister.com/2023/05/10/sonatype_job_cuts/

Videos for KotlinConf 2023

SpringOne @ Explore Las Vegas (Aug 21-24)

Community Over Code (Apache) in Halifax (Oct 7-10)

OffHeap 57. Our End-Of-The-Year Review!

That’s right folks, we are (finally) saying goodbye (and good riddance to 2020), so in the tradition of OffHeap we review the year. From having 2 Java releases, to the move of OpenJDK to github and how tech has been changed by the Pandemic we talk about it all.

We also see what’s coming up on for 2021, including Project Loom (and what does THAT mean for Reactive Programming), new LTS in our hands (Java 17) and Spring 6! In all, this next year looks like is going to be so much fun!

So kick, back, relax, sip your favorite beverage, and enjoy our end-of-the-year Episode.

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JVM Advent Calendar

Jakarta EE released

Intellij Idea 2020.3

Eclipse IDE 2020-12

NetBeans 12.2 Released

Jakarta One Sessions Available

DawsCon coming up Online

Java Champions Conference

OffHeap 55. JFrog going public, Java 15 is released (and on github), Graeme Rocher is at Oracle!

So JFrog made it big! (and we congratulate them!) as they are now a publicly traded company!

and because GitHub is paying attention, they are now rolling out Container Registries! (This will help a ton for those in the Docker world)

Java 15 is out as well, with all the goodies of a short term cadence (Preview of Sealed Classes, Records, Z Garbage Collector and more!)

In addition, have you ever been curious about the JVM Source Code, well, they are finally in GitHub! So go ahead, explore, download, build and play!

Lastly we fumbled a prediction on why there was a Micronaut Foundation… Well, we know now. Graeme Rocher just joined Oracle. (which would make it super interesting to see the life expectancy of Micronaut)

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  • JFrog going Public: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1800667/000119312520228195/d841831ds1.htm
  • Github does container registries now: https://github.blog/2020-09-01-introducing-github-container-registry/
  • Java 15 Released: https://www.infoworld.com/article/3534133/jdk-15-the-new-features-in-java-15.html
  • Java officially on GitHub: https://www.infoworld.com/article/3569068/javas-move-to-github-set-for-september.html
  • Graeme Rocher joins Oracle: https://twitter.com/helidon_project/status/1278753593458331648?s=21

OffHeap 54. BLM and on how Tech like Facial Recognition helps (and hinders) Us

Ah, it’s been a while, but on this two-hour long take we have @divideby0 Join us as we dive into tech and the current political climate. Here at OffHeap we stand behind #BLM and explore what technology (and our role as engineers) play on this.

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Episode 31. Welcome to ATLANTA! (DevNexus 2018)

Oh yeah! We went down to Atlanta again to experience DevNexus (which is probably the second largest US Java Conference). Causing trouble yet again, we set shop and hoodwinked speakers to talk to us an enter our DevNexus Game Show. Always entertaining, with @tedneward, @startbuxman, @dblevins and @TonyaRaeMoore you can expect the most hilarious answers to the question “I admit it…The room I actually develop my best code is ____” (and many more). So take a listen, have a beer (or tip us one), and enjoy this episode of OffHeap from the great land of Atlanta!


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Episode 25. On Java EE, a toast for Java.net (RIP), on React (JS), and MVCs

Oh boy, so we dive into this episode figuring out what’s going on with Java EE 8 (and 9), pay our respects to java.net (it’s now decommissioned), dive into Kotlin (this one seems to stick), and then discuss how JS is not as wild-west as it used to be (and some MVC pattern disagreements). In all, entertaining, and interesting podcast.


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Episode 23. object.finalize() is deprecated! Privacy issues w/your ISP, and MicroServices are still in the news!

So Deprecation is getting serious! Nobody should be using object.finalize(), and if you are, shame on you! This deprecation will have some bite! Also, we just heard the rumours. If you use an Internet Service Provider in the US, that means they can sell all the information about you (yikes!). Lastly, there has been a new MicroServices survey out there and we want to take a look and see what’s shaking (and who is shaking) the ever-evolving microservices world.

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Episode 21. Java 9 is coming! And we’re leaving things behind (also, does US immigration affect Devs, and how?)

Ah, well, it has been promised, and it WILL be delivered. Java 9 is feature complete! And we start taking a look at what is (http/2 finally?), and more importantly, what was cut-off from the release. We also did dive into what does it means when developers can’t migrate to the US. Is it good for our industry? Or is it meh, as people just telecommute? And as long as we’re talking policy we touched on Net Neutrality since it might be an issue this year. Do we have to say goodbye to those millions and millions of undeterred bit streams?
We’re going to be doing a live performance at DevNexus!. If you happen to go in Feb, come and join us there!

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Episode 18. We’re back from J1! And Brough Reza Rahman to talk about the Big Reveal on Java EE 8

It was a great JavaOne, full of news and mystery. Netbeans becomes part of Apache (or at least it’s on its way to be), and Oracle finally revealed what their big plan is for Java EE 8 (and asking about 9)! Do we hang up the “Mission Accomplished” banner? Did the Guardians did it? Come join us as we talk with Reza on what this new state of affairs mean for Java EE, the JCP, The Guardians, and Microprofile.io (and yes! @mminella has been unblocked!)

And don’t forget to fill in the surveys!

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