OffHeap 68. Facebook is in hot-water…again (very Meta)

So we are technologist, and we create technology, and we live on it… technology on its own is neither good or evil…but what happens when a corporation dives into that gray are of how technology is used? We discuss what it means to have such a big influence in how people get their news, interact with each other, and at what point you can’t just say “I don’t want to interfere”

A very pundit-adept topic, we discuss what could possibly be done to help the issue of misinformation while also balancing the need to be heard.
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October 2021
EclipseCon – October 25-28

Reactive Summit – November 2-3

Jakarta One – December 7 – December 8 – 10

jChampions – January 2022

DevNexus – April 2022

JReleaser 0.7.0

JDK 18 Shaping Up (JEP 408)

Jakarta EE 10 Release Update

Eclipse Ide 2021-09 Supports JDK 17

Raspberry Pi price increase

Future of Play Framework

Facebook Change to Metaverse

Episode 49. End of Year Review… Oh, my, it has been an interesting year.

Ah, we got together with our usual suspects, and while our local Curmudgeon was enjoying his Old-fashioned, I was enjoying Cold Medicine. Even so, we went through the biggest events that happened this year, including the Oracle v Google debacle, The new copy-and-kill strategies from cloud providers, the proliferation of Java implementations, the re-emergence of Eclipse Foundation as a home for standards, and of course, the Java EE (reincarnated as Jakarta EE) saga.

It has been a great year, and we couldn’t have made it with our listeners. Thanks for listening to our podcasts. We have expanded our OffHeap family, so don’t forget to check all of our podcasts. And you can always drop off a line @offheap (

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Episode 43. JCP: Hold my (white) Wine. The JCP welcomes the competition of Eclipse Foundation on spec creation + A recap on Reactive.

Ah, DevNexus 2019! One of the better conferences to attend in the U.S. We ended up running our yearly offheap show in there with special guests Heather VanCura, and Ben Hale! We went through the deep questions on the role of JCP (now that Eclipse Foundation Spec Process is in town), and Heather replied that the JCP is agile, knows what they’ve been doing for a while, and that is still THE Source for Java Spec creation! Indeed, these are intertesting times!

We also dove deeply on the current state of Reactive (and what Pivotal is doing to make it easier for everyone to embrace it). We got to hear about R2DBC, when to go Reactive, and what is a good criteria for adoption (hint: Don’t go and rewrite your large app in reactive just because).

To top it off, we ended up with a “Who wants to be a millionaire quiz” where we pitted our guests against our (somewhat tricky) quiz questions. All for the privilege of winning an OffHeap Mug!. In all, a great episode, with tons of information and interesting guests!

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