OffHeap 80. The invasion of the virtual programming robots!

It IS timeā€¦and everyone is talking about it! With the new Large Language Models like OpenAI and Github Copilot, and Bard (and all the others), what does it mean for developers? Is it an existential threat? a doomsday scenario? or is all being blown out of proportion? Well, we start diving into the question on this episode with the usual suspects! Come, listen to this episode before we are all replaced by generative AI!

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Netbeans 18

Corretto is most popular JVM

Layoffs at Redhat, Sonatype

Videos for KotlinConf 2023*MTY4NDM3MjAwNi4xLjAuMTY4NDM3MjAwNi4wLjAuMA..

SpringOne @ Explore Las Vegas (Aug 21-24)

Community Over Code (Apache) in Halifax (Oct 7-10)