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The Java Off Heap podcast reaches thousands of subscribers each month. Reaching a very specific audience (Professional java Developers) this podcast is a great venue to get your product or service to be known. The subscribers to this podcast keep downloading and are in for the long haul, as we take good care of providing quality content with every episode. The Java ecosystem keeps expanding, and with the new advent of Java Release Trains, there is even more reason for developers to subscribe to the most current, and trusted news outlet.

The Podcast production has been amped-up every year. With new post-production software, and upgraded hardware equipment, the quality of the podcast not just keeps with the times, but ensures an enjoyable listening experience.

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This is our traditional sponsorship model on which we read a fifteen to thirty second script (provided by you!) to our audience. Read by the Java Off Heap lead host, we make the connection to our listeners on the value proposition you offer. And since they know (and want to support the podcast) your slug will be well-received. Want to create more brand awareness? Or start running new campaign ads? Or you might just want to get your feet wet on Podcast sponsoring, this is an exciting value. We have two spots for pre-roll slugs (script), first-come-first-served. Want to secure your spot for multiple episodes? Let us know as we have discount for multiple episode sponsorship!

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Thinking about Sponsoring? What better way to reach a highly specialized audience than to sponsor Java Off Heap. With around thousands of downloads per month we offer a very targeted cost-effective way to reach your Java and JVM developers. By becoming a sponsor  we feature your product and/or service within our podcast episodes and also display your company logo and a “thanks” in the shownotes. Your product and/or service is also part of our Sponsors page for the duration of your sponsorship.

We only have a limited number of “slots” available for each podcast, so it’s best to secure your spot now! Would you like to make a connection to those Professional Java Developers? Then, contact us for the next sponsorship opportunity!

Helping the Community

Also remember, by sponsoring the Java Off Heap podcast you help contribute to the Java Community, allowing our hosts to continue to produce quality content that’s free for our listeners. There are so many inconsistent and unbalanced tech news on the internet that listeners crave podcasts like ours, where we get to know the perspective and bring discussions that happen in small circles back for everyone to hear and participate in.

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