Month: May 2020

OffHeap 52. Ooh…Spring and Graal, sitting in the tree…i-n-t-e-r-o-ping!

First comes hate(rs), then comes committers.
Then comes a tag, in the github app
reporting its woes,
committing new code
doing the hula hula dance!

Ok, so one of the biggest stories is that blooming collaboration (romance?) that’s happening between Spring and Graal. Yep, the most popular framework is teaming up with the hottest VM in town (this sounds like a movie script already!). We also dive into some unexpected releasers like Jython 2.7.2, new leadership for the ASF (And its board of directors), and a game of “where in the world is Istio (not Carmen Sandiego) going?” played by Google. In all, with drinks in hand, on remote, a fun episode to listen to.

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