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OffHeap 62. On Stallman, Apple and Basecamp

Right, there were a good tricle of tech news like the release of Scala 3, and that now Microsoft is part of the OpenJDK (hm… we wonder if the JClarity acquision had anything to do w/that ;). But the Internet was rocked by a big tidal wave of D&I avoidance, Social pressure (but some would say Cancel Culture?) and selective historical facts.

In that we dive to explore what has dominated the tech twitter feeds, facebook post, and essentially comment on the unbelievebable nuclear explosion (implosion in the case of Basecamp) that just happened. With the advent of Basecamp’s new policy (and the pyramid of hate), and the follow-up en-masse resignations, then Apple’s offer, twice rescinded to Antonio Garcia Martinez, to finally the Electronic Frontier Foundation inclusion of Dr. Stallman back on the board (on which, his past is either forgiven, or forgotten) this episode dives into how it got to here, and we piece together how these bungled-up situation blew up in the twittersphere

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Scala 3

Microsoft OpenJDK:

Oracle JDK 8 Support:

Stallman back on FSF board

Apple Antonio Garcia Martinez

Basecamp – Employee rules update

OffHeap 51. Oh, Quarantine woes, and how it is affecting the Programming industry

Ok, so the world is not the same as it used to be. We woke up one day and became remote workers. How does this affect our day-to-day, and what does it mean for the Java Ecosystem. Come join us as we discuss the woes of the crew juggling kids, family, work, and social distancing. Some are natural introverts (but not all!) and how the stay-in-place orders are affecting them, including some work-from-home tips from our crew!

We also cover the latest news, and yeah! JDK14 is now released! (so if you have some extra time in your hands, play with Records). In all, a quarantined-episode worth hearing about!

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