OffHeap 55. JFrog going public, Java 15 is released (and on github), Graeme Rocher is at Oracle!

So JFrog made it big! (and we congratulate them!) as they are now a publicly traded company!

and because GitHub is paying attention, they are now rolling out Container Registries! (This will help a ton for those in the Docker world)

Java 15 is out as well, with all the goodies of a short term cadence (Preview of Sealed Classes, Records, Z Garbage Collector and more!)

In addition, have you ever been curious about the JVM Source Code, well, they are finally in GitHub! So go ahead, explore, download, build and play!

Lastly we fumbled a prediction on why there was a Micronaut Foundation… Well, we know now. Graeme Rocher just joined Oracle. (which would make it super interesting to see the life expectancy of Micronaut)

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  • JFrog going Public:
  • Github does container registries now:
  • Java 15 Released:
  • Java officially on GitHub:
  • Graeme Rocher joins Oracle:

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