OffHeap 76. On license changes and Open Source Software

If you haven’t heard, Akka has changed is open source license (from Apache to Commercial). And if you have been using Akka, that’s significant! We have seen this happen a couple of times to a lesser extent in cloud products (MongoDB and Elastic comes to mind), but (we think) this is the first time we see a license change in something that’s so fundamental as an enterprise integration framework like Akka

Join us as we explore the ramifications of this move, both for Lightbend, and for the industry. Does this mean that Open Source and its business models (like paid extended features or tooling, or support contracts) is over? Would Akka be forked? Would it sink or swim? Will Lightbend survive. We don’t know all (or any of the answers) but we sure spend time trying to understand what are the possible answers to these questions.

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