OffHeap 70. Buy, Sell, Or Skip! Looking at NFTs (forever code, and ransom in Open Source!)

There are times when there’s something in tech that starts brewing, and creating huge waves. We are just going through those times with Bitcoins and now the newly created Non-Fungible-Tokens (or NFT for short). If you have been surrounded by “bored apes”, or “lucky goats” and wanted to understand what NFTs are (or aren’t), then take a listen!

In addition we revisit the big npm-libs-colors debacle on which an open source contributor single-handedly sent the javascript world scrambling as he poisoned-pill his own work (what does it mean to rely on open source dependencies from individual contributors?). It’s a tough topic because we are really built most of our technology on open source.

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jChampions – January 2022

npm Lib corruption

Spring Boot 3.0.0.M.1 Released/

Spring Framework 6.0.0.M2 Released

Tomee 9.0.0 – Jakarta EE 9.1 Web Profile Certified



NFT Music Video (by @fguime)

The Web3 Fraud (Opinion Nicholas Weaver)

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