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OffHeap 73. Live from DevNexus 2022 in Atlanta

So we did it! We got together at the DevNexus Conference and produced a live show! With Okta’s super famous Matt...

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OffHeap 72. There’s a war going on…what does it mean for tech?

So there are slow news month, and there are some months where there’s so much news that is hard to comprehend....

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OffHeap 71. Hold on now, you mean I can JIT programs in the Cloud?

Ok, so the fun part about being in the Java Ecosystem is that it’s always trying new things, and the interesting...

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OffHeap 70. Buy, Sell, Or Skip! Looking at NFTs (forever code, and ransom in Open Source!)

There are times when there’s something in tech that starts brewing, and creating huge waves. We are just going through those...

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OffHeap 69. Ok, so the internet burned down with Log4J.

Hopefully you have had some time to R&R, but if you were in tech around Dec 2020, you heard that there...

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OffHeap 68. Facebook is in hot-water…again (very Meta)

So we are technologist, and we create technology, and we live on it… technology on its own is neither good or...

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A Wide News Network

We have a wide network of Java movers and shakers so we have a leg-up getting you the inside scoop on what’s going on

Fresh Perspectives

We are not kidding when we say that while we share the same common language all of us use it in very different situations. A podcast like no other, we tend to see more than one viewpoint on each episode

Industry Guests

We not only talk about the current Java News, but also bring guests to the show so you can hear from them exactly what’s happening around our great Java Ecosystem.

Show Hosts

We are four friends that happened to have passionate Java Conversations. That was easy. We just then added a mic, and turned it on. The rest is history!

Freddy Guime

The leader of the gang. Freddy is the one who turned on the mic, and record the fireworks that happen when discussing Java News. Previously on Java SE, and now working for a big Enterprise firm, he is now part of your Everyday Enterprise Developer.

Bob Paulin

Our in-resident Java Consultant and Open Source Advocate, Bob brings the views (and tribulations) when looking through a seasoned Consultant's eye. Most of all, he's a big Apache Foundation contributor

Try getting him to sign an NDA, and...stand...back.

Michael Minella

Our in-resident Curmudgeon, Michael leads Pivotal's Spring Batch. He tends to call a spade-a-spade, and is the most opinionated of the regular show hosts.

Tired of the sugarcoated news? Michael is your guy

Josh Juneau

Working in a quasi-governmental institution Josh give us the perspective of public sector projects. An advocate for Standards, he is intimately involved with the Adopt-a-JSR efforts, and thrives in "anything" Java EE related.

Featured Guests

Over many of our episodes we have brought Java and JVM Stars. Here’s some of our highlighted Guests Interviews. 

Georges Saab

Vice President - Software Development
Java Platform Group at Oracle

Heather Vancura

Chair of the Java Community Process

Mike Milinkovich

Eclipse Foundation Executive Director