Sunday, February 4, 2018

Episode 30. On Meltdowns, Payara, and the state of Java EE (with Eclipse's Executive Director Mike Milinkovich)

What an eventful time for being a Software developer. We got a Meltdown, and a Spectre in our field to begin with, and we also have some interesting news brewing from Payara. But most importantly we secured an interview with no other than Eclipse Foundation's own Executive Director Mike Milinkovich! He takes us into an inner tour of what's going on with JavaEE (and the handoff between Oracle and the Eclipse Foundation). We talked on all topics EE, including namespaces, future names, clarifications on what is being open sourced and the relevancy of the JCP in today's climate. In all, even if you think you don't use Java EE ( are probably using specs that are surviving under the EE umbrella...Json much?) you should take a listen!  

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  1. Thanks for spreading the news about Payara and Azul partnership. You're awesome!

    To complement the news and the discussion later, commercial support for Payara Server (the code running on a JVM) is available also for IBM J9. The difference with Zulu is that we now also offer support for the JVM itself if Payara is running on Zulu JDK. It means we can support and provide patches for the JVM, the server and also developer support for the apps, so customers production system is completely covered (except support for the operating system).

    1. More information about supported platforms is in the Payara docs: