Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode 23. object.finalize() is deprecated! Privacy issues w/your ISP, and MicroServices are still in the news!

So Deprecation is getting serious! Nobody should be using object.finalize(), and if you are, shame on you! This deprecation will have some bite! Also, we just heard the rumours. If you use an Internet Service Provider in the US, that means they can sell all the information about you (yikes!). Lastly, there has been a new MicroServices survey out there and we want to take a look and see what's shaking (and who is shaking) the ever-evolving microservices world.  

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  1. 14:20 About Removal APIs from Java EE:
    Java EE 6 introduced a pruning process. APIs are marked proposed optional in Java EE version N and can be marked as optional in Java EE N+1.
    Optional APIs are still part of the specification but implementations don't have to provide them.

    Java EE 7 specification (JSR 342), chapter EE.6.1.3 Pruned Java Technologies page 173 and Table EE.6-1 Java EE Technologies page 171

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